What's With the Title?

I chose the title "Living the Quadrilateral" for a couple of reasons. First I have been a United Methodist all my life and for as long as I have known about John Wesley's Quadrilateral I have liked the principles that it embodies. While it was Albert Outler who coined the phrase "the Wesleyan Quadrilateral" the core ideas can be found in John Wesley's sermons and writings. He maintained that reflection on Christian belief and practice is best accomplished in the interpretation of scripture through reason, tradition and experience. The Quadrilateral provides for stability (scripture and tradition) while allowing for change (reason and experience). It suggests that this is an active process. It requires our active engagement with the topic at hand. It makes us responsible for the outcome. In a world full of people who seem to be lining up to tell us what to believe and what to do, I like the Quadrilateral's promotion of personal activity in theological reflection. I hope to use this blog as a place to share my reflections on theology, biblical interpretation, and spiritual practice and when I reflect on these things I try to use the Quadrilateral to guide my efforts. Consequently, the name seemed appropriate. I hope that remain faithful to that task as the weeks and months go by and I share my thoughts here.